About Us

Popcorn Ceiling Removal is your best choice for interior and exterior home surface services. In addition to our outstanding home paint offerings, Pro Popcorn Ceiling Removal also offers provides professional acoustic and popcorn ceiling removal. Popcorn ceiling was very popular in homes built before the 1970s and whether you refer to it as a popcorn ceiling, acoustic ceiling, a textured ceiling, stipple ceiling, stucco ceiling, or a cottage cheese ceiling – it may contain a form of asbestos. If these surfaces are bumped into or rubbed then asbestos particles can go airborne and potentially put you and your family at risk of serious health problems like mesothelioma. All forms of asbestos used in construction have some sort of health risk associated with it. If your house contains asbestos please call today! Pro Popcorn Ceiling Removal specializes in getting in and removing these harmful surfaces from your home, quickly and effectively. 

Our Services

Plaster Repair

Cracked or crumbling plaster is no match for us. We’ll carefully revitalize your plaster walls and ceilings to keep them standing strong and looking pristine.

Drywall Repair

Whether you have one small hole or a wall full of them, we will properly patch your damaged drywall and sheetrock in less time and with less mess.


We Provide effective Remodeling services.

Ceiling Repair

You don’t have to stare at stains, stress cracks, or bulging seams any longer. Whatever ceiling damage you’re dealing with, we’ll know the best way to fix it.

Texture Matching

The Patch Boys are experts at fixing and matching textured walls and ceilings so there are zero lines, shadows, or uneven finishes left behind after repairs.


We Provide best quality painting services.

Why Choose us?

We Are Experienced

As much fun as it is to refresh a space with a Fresh Coat of paint, it's not something you want to do every year. Our experienced painters use premium products for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Seamless Patches, Superior Service

We pride ourselves on our honesty, quality workmanship, and respect for you and your home.

We Respect Your Home

We arrive on time, bonded and insured with background checked employees. We leave your home better than we found it by using drop cloths and sheeting to protect floors, furnishings, and other items.

Contact Us

We are committed to all of our clients, and look forward to working with you. Questions, comments or special requests? We would love to hear from you.